The most effective and robust shaft protection. A cutter that works year after year with little or no maintenance. Used by Navies, commercial and leisure vessels world wide. Also available through a number of stern gear suppliers.

The Cutter blade shaves through the debris that has been caught by the prop. The blade is fixed and the debris is being driven around the spool by the engine. Much like a lathe tool the debris is pushed against the cutter as it winds on the spool. Wire traces or metal debris like fish hooks do not disable the cutter as can happen with scissor devices. Installation is well documented in our fitting sheets, but you can always talk to us about your fitting questions or concerns. Drop us an email and we’ll send you fitting sheets.

A QuicKutter™  installation showing grey spool bolted to prop
Spool ready to be bolted to prop hub.
Spool and cutter mounted on a vessel.