H4 Marine

H4 have established the QuicKutter™  as the most effective and robust protection for marine shaft drives when faced with line, rope, net or debris. Often talked about as the H4 cutter, the quicKutter™  was developed by Quickwater marine in Perth WA. The new super duplex blades are now available, hard and corrosion resistant SD25.

With new composites H4 can offer a selection of advanced bearing materials and knowledge of a wide range of applications. Maritex has a range of grades to suit your systems environment and lubrication medium. We can offer composite replacements for white metal and WRAS approved materials for drinking water pumps.

We have worked with some new developments in couplings, although we don’t carry these as stock items we can often assist in application engineering. The Thompson coupling system offers significant advantages over other CV and UJ cardan shaft options in many systems.